Presentation: Capsule 200mg, 30 ml vials

Pharmacological group: immune-modulator

Pharmacological activities: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbe, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, geronto-protector, immune-modulator;

Ingredients: capsule – peptide complex ENDOCIT – 20 mg of herbal origin; 

Excipient – 180 mg

Liquid form – 1ml  250 mg peptide complex  ENDOCIT of herbal origin;  Water 750 mg. 

Indication: infective and inflammatory diseases, disorder of genitourinary, gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory and other functional systems of organism, age-related diseases, benign tumor, post-surgery period.

Side effects: wasn’t revealed.

Contraindications: non-specific ulcerative colitis, severe impairment of kidneys, lactation, pregnancy, individual intolerance, alcohol.

Compatibility:  Endocite enhances activity of other pharmacological drugs.

Presentation: 50 capsule in vial, 30 ml in vial

Medicine registration number: MST 20972544-003-2009

Manufacturer: Bioteksi.

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