“Biotecsi” Ltd is a company operating in agro sphere that produces veterinary drugs, vitamins, mineral supplements, disinfectants, disinsectants, derivatives and various plant protection products.

The company was established in 1991 and was operating under the name “Sodan” and since 1996 – the Scientific Industrial Association – “Biotech Eco Synthesis” abbreviated as “Biotecsi”. Its name is associated with 180 local Georgian products that are well known not only for Georgian market, that were created and developed by 20 scientists and more than 100 specialists.

“Biotecsi ” produces a full range of its products, mainly to meet the needs of the local market and partially for the foreign market in the region, in compliance with the needs of neighboring countries. Every day “Biotecsi” tries to respond to modern demands with its product.

In recent years, several production sites have been equipped with modern equipment. Production and management systems have been improved. “Biotecsi” Ltd is certified by TÜV.SÜD according to the international standard of ISO 9001:2015.It is noteworthy that at present the company`s production practices are fully consistent with the GMP standard. Work with certification is ongoing process.

In recent years, in Georgia, the problems associated with the implementation of modern technologies and production of innovative products have become more relevant. With this mission, on the basis of the research and development department of the “Biotecsi” company, a Bio-rational Technology Research Center – “BrTRC” was founded. Its goal is to develop and implement innovative projects in the field of agriculture, medicine and ecology, mainly to solve the social problems. Prior to the establishment of the center, this activity was carried out by the Biotecsi- Scientific Industrial Association for 25 years, the development and the expansion of scientific research activities led the organization to move to other ranks. The industrial partners are operating in the center within their profiles and functions. Nevertheless, it works with open door principles, which means that any scientists or scientific groups, producers and others can use the resources of the center. It should also be noted that the methods of invention and creation of intellectual products in the modern world have also been changed. The invention is based on the joint work of scientists, researchers and other groups, not only the work of one person. Such an innovative center today is “BrTRC”, Which has the best clinical, diagnostic and analytical laboratory facilities. We firmly believe that the current desire to develop production is impossible without the support of science.  That’s why the company’s slogan is “Our strength is in our knowledge.”

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