Climate Change and Biotechnology

Climate Change and Biotechnology

The modern world faces many global challenges, the most pressing of which is climate change.

The adverse effects of climate change are particularly dangerous to agriculture, animal husbandry, and related fields because their success depends significantly on the natural environment and circumstances.

Agricultural biotechnology is an effective tool for dealing with the causes and consequences of climate change and achieving important social goals, such as introducing sustainable practices for agriculture and livestock and reducing the environmental impact of these areas.

That is why agricultural biotechnology plays an important role in Biotecsi's production processes by promoting the activities of the Biorational Technologies Research Center (BrTRC).

Adaptation to climate change and mitigation of impacts

Agricultural biotechnology provides ways to adapt to climate change and reduce its negative consequences.

Agricultural biotechnology products such as cover crops can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They provide sustainable biofuels and fruits and vegetables that last longer and reduce food waste. Researchers are also developing ways to remove excess atmospheric carbon dioxide using trees and microbes.

Using agricultural biotechnology, it is also possible to breed plant crops and animals adapted to adverse changes in environmental conditions, such as drought, temperature rise, new diseases, and other stress factors.

For example, agricultural biotechnology is actively used to develop drought-resistant crops such as wheat, rice, tomatoes, soybeans, and cotton. Drought-tolerant corn, including some genetically engineered varieties, is already being grown in drought-prone areas of the United States. Moreover, drought-resistant wheat is already available in Argentina and Brazil.

Agricultural biotechnology is also actively used in animal breeding through genome modification to breed heat-tolerant livestock breeds that can better regulate their body temperature in high-temperature conditions. Due to short fur and metabolic changes, such cattle naturally experience reduced heat stress.

ბიოტეკსი | Biotecsi keeps up-to-date on biotechnological innovations worldwide and, with more than 20 scientists and a team of more than 100 specialists' efforts, actively develops innovative products to provide sustainable solutions for agriculture, veterinary, and related fields.

We believe that through cooperation and knowledge sharing, the modern world will be able to effectively deal with the adverse effects of climate change without jeopardizing the development and well-being of areas dependent on environmental conditions.

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