Albeks 3000

Albeks 3000


Albendazole -3000mg.


Anti-helminth activities of Albendazole are based on suppression of cycle of Fumarate Reductase – krebs enzymes, which influence energetic metabolism of parasites. It causes elimination of parasites. In case of some parasites Albendazole causes suppression of synthesis of tubular albumen.
Drug is active in every stage of helminth development.

Dosage: Drug is given as a single peroral dose without diet individually or in a group, together with food;

Cattle, goats, sheep – Intestine and lungs nematodes –1 bolus on 300kg b/w, Cestodes –1 bolus on 400kg b/w; Trematodes – 1 bolus on 200kg b/w.

Swine – Intestine and lungs nematodes – 1 bolus 300kg b/w;

Poultry – Intestine nematodes – 1 bolus 180kg b/w, Lung nematodes – 1 bolus 90kg b/w;

Side effects:

No side-effects are reported even in case of increasing the dose three times.


Given drug isn’t used in weak cattle, in case of severe fasciliosis and during the first third period of gestation.

Withdrawal time:

Drug belongs to the group of low-toxic compounds.
It is allowed to slaughter cattle for usage of meat after 14 days from stopping giving of drug to animals. Swine and chickens can be slaughtered after 7 days; milk can be used after 2 days.

How supplied: Drug is kept in bottles, which contain 60 boluses;

Conditions and shelf life:

Drug is kept in cool area, which is protected from light;

Shelf life – 3 years;

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