For the treatment and prevention of Bee Varoatosis

(Manufacturing organization: “Biotecsi” Ltd., Georgia)


  1. General notes
    • Trade name of the medicinal product: Beesane
    • Form of the medicine: solution for external use
    • Packed in a glass ampoule in an amount of 1 ml.


The use of Beesane after the expiration date is prohibited.

Beesane should be stored in its packaging, in a dry place, at a temperature of 0-25 ° C, avoiding direct sunlight, away from foodstuff and animal food.

Beesane should be kept out of the reach of children.

Unused expired product must be utilized with a household waste.


  1. Pharmacological characteristics:

Oxalic acid and Thymol contained in the Beesane have acaricidal features of contacting activity.  Oxalic acid promotes a slower evaporation of  Thymol, which prolongs the effect of Beesane.


According to the degree of impact on the body, Beesane belongs to moderately dangerous substances (as stated by the 3rd class GOST 12.1.007-76),


When used in the recommended dosage, it does not have a resorbable, locally irritating, and sensitizing effect on the skin.

Beesane is non-toxic to bees, does not show adverse effects on the vitality and productivity of families if used in the recommended dosage, does not accumulate in beekeeping products.


  1. Rules of use:

Beesane is used to treat Varoatosis in bees in spring and autumn.

Adverse effect of use – air temperature lower than 10°C.


 Before use, mix 1 ml of the drug in 1 l. of warm (35-40 ° C) water until a uniform white emulsion is obtained. The prepared emulsion is taken with a syringe and sprayed in a beehive in the amount of 10 ml on a single frame of bees, 2 times at intervals of 7 days.

Treatment of bee colonies is stopped 30 days before the period of honey flow to prevent the drug from getting into honey or is carried out in the fall after the end of honey collection.



Symptoms caused by overdose of the drug have not been determined.


Peculiarities of action:

Were not revealed either during the first use of a drug or after suspension of its use.

If the prescribed period of repeated treatment is not observed, the use of drug should be resumed with the same dosage and schedule.


Side effects:

When used According to these instructions, Beesane usually does not cause any side effects or complications in bees.


Compatibility with other medicinal products:

The use of Beesane does not preclude the use of other medicinal products for specific, pathogenic, and symptomatic therapy.


Withdrawal period:

Honey obtained from bees treated with the medicinal drug in accordance with this instruction is used on a common basis.


Measures of personal prevention:

When working with Beesane, general hygienic and safety rules of working with a medicinal preparation should be taken into account.

While working with the preparation, smoking, drinking and eating are prohibited.

After finishing the work hands must be washed thoroughly with a soap and warm water.

If the product accidentally gets on the skin or mucous membranes, immediately rinse it with running water. Bisan poisoning is treated symptomatically.


Manufacturing organization – Biotecsi Ltd.  №8 Yumashev str. Tbilisi, Georgia

Instructions are developed by. “Biotecsi “Ltd.

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