Biozan 900

Biozan 900

Dosage form: per-oral pills used in veterinary.


Therapeutic Group: anti-parasite, antihelminthic agent.

Target species: cattle, sheep, goat.

Manufacturer country: Biotecsi, Georgia.

Composition: One pill contains: 600mg oxyclozanide, 300mg oxfendazole.



Combination of two wide-spectrum anti-helminth substances (oxyclozanide and oxfendazole) contained by Biozan 900 ensures full dehelminthization of animals.


The medicine is used for treatment of cattle, sheep and goats in case of fasciolosis, paramphistomidosis,  monieziasis, dictyocaulosis, hemonchosis, ostertagiosis, trichostrongylosis, nematodyrosis, cooperiosis, esophagostomiasis, bunostomosis;


Presentation: 50 and 300 tablets in polyethylene vials.

Rules of usage and dosage:


The medicine is given per-orally and individually to Cattle, sheep and goats:


– Pharmacological dose oxyclozanide 10-15 mg/ kg live bodyweight, oxfendazole 5-7.5 mg/ kg live bodyweight.
Practical dose:  – fasciolosis,  dictyocaulosis, hemonchosis, ostertagiosis,  trichostrongylosis, nematodyrosis, cooperiosis, esophagostomiasis, bunostomosis – 1 pill – 60kg live bodyweight
Monieziasis, paramphistomidosis,   – 1 pill – 50 kg live bodyweight.

Storage conditions:


Keep in dry area that is protected from light at the following temperature: not exceeding 15- 25°С.

Shelf life: 3 years.

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