Composition and Presentation: phenol compound that is derived from herbal raw materials with composition of oligosaccharides, enzymes and phytohormones. Yellowish solution for peroral administration is packed in hermetic plastic vials of 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre.

Pharmacological group: Cattle weight-gain stimulating drug, prebiotic.


Pharmacological characteristics: Biologically active food-additive in cattle-breeding. It is a product that is derived from herbal raw materials and doesn’t contain any chemical additive. Drug is non-pathogenic and non-toxic.

Oligosaccharides and Phenol compounds act on development of normal biocenose of intestine tract. It activates and restores microflora that is necessary for intestines, promotes overall resistance of organism, it regulates PH, suppresses growth of pathogenic organisms, stimulates necessary microflora, improves hepatic function, neutralizes toxins and enhances immune system against infectious diseases.

Digestive enzymes of Rumifosi significantly improve digestive quality. They enhance fermentation processes in paunch.

Rumifosi phyto-hormones intensify hormones, which promote creation of flesh and muscle mass that ensure revealing a genetic potential of increase of body-weight.

Administration of Rumifosi significantly increases metabolism process and ensures 40-60% daily gain of weight.

Indication: Stimulation of weight-gain in cattle, Intestine tract disorder during different kinds of stress: after vaccination or antibacterial treatment, during diarrhea caused by disbacteriosis, enteritis and food; For decrease of food conversion.

Dosage: Prebiotic is diluted and is given to animals together with food. Dosage 1ml – 25kg live body weight.

Side effects: No side effects are observed if drug is administered in a recommended dose,

Special indications: Cattle products (meat, milk etc) can be used without limitation.

Storage conditions and a shelf-life: is kept in a dry area protected from sun-says and light at 5-25 0C temperature.

Shelf life: 18 months.


Manufacturer: “Biotecsi”.

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